Sustainable Travel Finland

Santa Claus Reindeer Oy and its two sub companies, Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas Cottage and Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi, are participating in a new program, Sustainable Travel Finland. This program’s aim is to develop the tourism industry in Finland by encouraging and educating companies to function more sustainably and ecologically. The program has various steps to follow, to gradually become more sustainable by time.

Our way towards a more sustainable future officially started in the spring 2020, when we made a commitment to participate in this program, and to gradually become more ecological. Our first objectives are increasing the amount of local and seasonal ingredients in our restaurants, improving our recycling facilities and becoming more energy efficient in all our operations, such as cooking, water consumption, heating and electricity usage.

Sustainability has been taken into account also in constructing all our buildings, which are built using materials such as local timber, cellulose and plant based materials.

Sustainable tourism, however, is not only about being ecological: we want to preserve the local culture and traditions as well. Therefore we aim to preserve and revive the reindeer herding tradition, Lappish food culture and other Lappish cultural heritage.