Welcome to Mrs. Santa Claus' Christmas Cottage!

Meet Mrs. Santa Claus in her Christmas Cottage

Mrs. Santa Claus is delighted to meet visitors from all around the world and to have a pleasant chat with each and every guest. This is why she invites you to visit her charming Christmas Cottage in the heart of the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, where she and the elves are already eagerly waiting to meet you.

In addition to this unforgettable meeting and an amiable conversation with Mrs. Santa Claus, you can also purchase a certificate of visiting the Christmas Cottage, or a photo with Mrs. Santa Claus as a concrete souvenir of this memorable moment.

Entrance fee: 5 € / person (can be booked online or on spot)
Starting time: non-stop within opening hours
kindly prepare for a little waiting time
Extras (additional fee):
– certificate of visiting Mrs. Santa Claus’ Christmas Cottage
– photo with Mrs. Santa Claus

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